Summer and Fall, Teh Choir and Beyond

Hi Friends of Our Musical Life Inc.

We are looking at having the teh Choir kids perform at a couple parish festivals this summer.   If you have any contacts please let us know.

Teh Choir will start up again in Fall.  We are looking at having a Middle School Choir directed exclusively by Mr. Griffin.  It would be for kids in 7 through 9th grades.  Repertoire would include world music, contemporary classical choral music and more.  If interested email us.

Summer Events and Kudos

The kids that came on Sunday To sing before the church service did a great job! I got a lot of very positive comments from the people who heard them.   Our performance was also very good at the Gifford Elementary Choir Invitational save that we were short handed.

We are looking for ways to get other children to see “Teh Choir.”  Summer parish festivals seem like a good idea.   Stay tuned and watch your email for upcoming choir business.

Last Rehearsal 6-29-14

We would like to rehearse tonight, Thursday May 29 at 6 PM to prepare for a performance Sunday morning.   Lutheran Church of the Resurrection has invited us to sing prelude music at their 10 AM service.  We would need to arrive at 9:30 AM and be done by 10 AM.  Please check your e-mail and respond if you are able to attend the rehearsal and /or the performance.  We would sing Kaze No Ne and All of Me plus maybe 6 Days of Minecraft.

Concert Date/VIdeo Clip Request

Concert May 24

Teh Choir has been invited to the Gifford Elementary Treble Choir Invitational on May 24, 2014.  The kids should register for the workshop between 10:15 and 10:30 AM at Gifford Elementary School 8322 Northwestern Ave, Racine.    They will begin rehearsing at 10:30 AM.   The kids should wear their Teh shirt.  If they are in multiple choirs they should wear the Teh shirt over the top of the other uniform.  We will be done by 3:30 PM

Pizza will be served for lunch.  We may be asking for a few dollars to cover the cost.

There is a public, free concert at 2:00 PM that day that will include Children’s Choir of teh Internet, Cadence Choir, Caiman Chorus, Accent Choir and the Gifford Children’s Choir.


Video Clips:

Teh choir is working on All of Me by John Legend as a Mother’s Day offering.  I would like to get 12 seconds of video from each member if possible.  The video should be of the member playing, celebrating or otherwise enjoying life with their mother.  It can be fresh footage shot for this purpose or old family footage as far aback as you have it.  If anybody’s kids are swimmers, I would love some little kid swimming with mom footage.  If you don’t have any video send a few pics.   All files can be sent to  By sending them in you are giving us permission to use the footage for videos made by and for Our Musical Life Inc. without  compensation of any kind.



Mr. Griffin and His PEEPS®

Teh Choir Director Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. has been immortalized by OML creative team member Angela Janota in a PEEPS® Diorama.  Miss Janota teaches strings at Gifford Elementary, Racine, WI and is the creator of the Cake Dress in the Still Alive videos.  She entered this work of art in the Racine Art Museum’s PEEPS® Art Exhibition.  Teh Choir Artistic Director Jack Senzig was also included standing in his comfort zone outside (on top of) the box. The show opens April 18 and runs until May 4, 2014.  The individual PEEPS® are made to look like the children in the choir and their names are on their music folders.

Get your 3rd-6th grade peeps to join Children’s Choir of teh Internet and work with some of the most creative people on the planet! email or comment below with contact info.


The Diorama comes complete with motion activated lighting and a recording of Mr. Griffin’s Accent Choir. Click here for the sound.






No Rehearsal April 3

Both Mr. Griffin and Mr. Senzig have a concert for their day jobs on April 3 so there will be no rehearsal for Teh Choir. Feel free to join us in the audience at Case High school at 7 PM. The Case High, Gilmore Middle School, McKinley Middle School and Schulte Elementary School choirs will be performing.  Gifford ELementary’s Accent Choir and Caiman Chorus will also be performing.

Practice Tonight/More Info

Yes, for those who are not on vacation we are meeting tonight.  If there is a small group we will work on voice lessons for half the time.

We will not have rehearsal on April 3.   Both directors are involved in a concert at Case High School with their school choirs.

We have been invited to The Gifford Children’s Choir Invitational on May 24.  The kids will meet for a workshop in the morning probably starting at 9 AM and end with a performance around 2 PM.   This is memorial weekend so let us know if you are not going to be available.  We hope to see everyone there.  We will give firm times soon.