Mr. Griffin and His PEEPS®

Teh Choir Director Timothy Keith Griffin Jr. has been immortalized by OML creative team member Angela Janota in a PEEPS® Diorama.  Miss Janota teaches strings at Gifford Elementary, Racine, WI and is the creator of the Cake Dress in the Still Alive videos.  She entered this work of art in the Racine Art Museum’s PEEPS® Art Exhibition.  Teh Choir Artistic Director Jack Senzig was also included standing in his comfort zone outside (on top of) the box. The show opens April 18 and runs until May 4, 2014.  The individual PEEPS® are made to look like the children in the choir and their names are on their music folders.

Get your 3rd-6th grade peeps to join Children’s Choir of teh Internet and work with some of the most creative people on the planet! email or comment below with contact info.


The Diorama comes complete with motion activated lighting and a recording of Mr. Griffin’s Accent Choir. Click here for the sound.






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