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Time for teh Choir!


We will start up for the 2016-17 season this coming Thursday, October 6 from 6-7:30 PM.   It’s Game Night! Bring your 3DS, Pokémon cards, magic cards, tablets etc. for an evening of social gaming. All children in grades 2-6 plus returning members in grades 7-8 are welcome. We meet at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, 322 Ohio Street in Racine.


Auditions for the choir will be held October 13 and 20 during our regular rehearsals from 6-7:15 PM.


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Join Us

Children’s Choir of teh Internet is singing at Salmon a rama today.  Kids in grades 3 and up can join an OML ensemble.  Email us at Concerts today 1:30, 2:30 AND 3:30 at the children’s section of Salmon A Rama, 2 Christopher Columbus Causeway, Racine, WI.

Fallout 4 Practice (It’s All Over But the Crying)



This is going to be really cool.  We are making a play through video for Fallout 4.  I haven’t had time to start playing yet but other members of the creative team are busy at work getting us some awesome in-game footage.  Having the kids voices on this will give it an unbelievable power.  I can see it in this practice video though we have a long way to go in one more rehearsal.  Have the kids bring a pair of earphones to the rehearsal Thursday Nov 19.

Practice with the bottom video!

Children’s Choir of teh Internet Auditions and Rehearsal

We wil be starting Children’s Choir of teh Internet up again September 17 with auditions for new members and rehearsal for returning ones.  Auditions will be held September 24 and Oct 1 as well.  Come to Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 322 Ohio street, Racine, WI across from the toboggan hill and Lockwood Park.

New members please come with a parent, returning members can be dropped off at 6 PM and picked up at 7:15 PM.  We will have a parent meeting on October 8 for about 20 minutes at the start of rehearsal.

Children’s Choir of teh Internet is open to all children in grades 3-6 by audition.  Returning girls and boys with unchanged voices may continue with teh choir through 8th grade.

Here’s the flier we have recently distributed: