Press Release:

Event: Skate For Freedom
Sponsors: Red Apple School, Skatetown and Our Musical Life
Date: November 8, 2011
Time: 5PM-8PM (must arrive by 5:30 PM)
Place: Skatetown, 1825 Sycamore, Racine, WI 53406
Contact: ourmusicallife@ymail.com
Cost: $5

Event Description:
Meeting to film a video thank-you card for veterans from the 
children of Racine.
Racine area children in grades K-6 and their families are 
invited to participate in making a Video Thank-you Card for 
Veterans that will be displayed on YouTube.   
Children should practice singing The Star Spangled Banner in 
preparation for this event.  We ask that participants wear 
clothing that does not display brand names or other trademarks 
such as professional sports team names or logos.  All Racine area 
residents are invited to send the names of veterans and those in 
active duty from their families that they would like included at 
the end of the video. Branch of service, rank etc. is optional. 
Send or request info from ourmusicallife@ymail.com

Skatetown has graciously offered to donate a portion of the 
proceeds to area Veterans groups as well as to registered K-6 vocal
music programs and children’s choirs. It is our hope that this 
event will bring a smile to the faces of veterans 
and their families all across the country.