Looking for something fun to do this summer? How about attending summer choir camp? There will be two sessions. Session I is an auditioned choir for treble kids in grades 3-6 and will be recording for an album by Cloud Cult.* Session II is open to all treble voiced children grades 2-6. Children that pass the audition for session I may also sign up for session II.

Session I
The Children’s Choir of Teh Internet (CCTI) tentatively meets 8-10 AM
July 23-26,30-31, August 1-2,6-9 with special recording and filming session on August 10.

Session II
Treble Corp (TC) tentatively meets 10:15-11:30 AM
July 23-26,30-31, August 1-2,6-9 2012

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection 322 Ohio Street, Racine, WI
Filming/Recording may be done at Gifford Elementary or other site.

Fees will be determined soon but should be $75/session or less*

What Will We Do?
Both sessions will work on advanced choral techniques, sing, play musical games and learn music concepts.

Session I will be recording music to be used on the indie rock band Cloud Cult’s new album scheduled to release fall of 2012. They will also prepare at least one video for YouTube. The scheduled video is of an original song for the video game “Minecraft.” The choir will hopefully be singing with a blue grass band. The target audience for this choir is people on the internet ages 15 and older.

Session II will focus on traditional choral music and premiering new songs written for the ensemble. The target audience is family members of any age. A final concert will be given on August 9.

Why should I join?
It will be fun. Mr. Senzig is a fun teacher. At the schools he has taught at, children cheer when they know it is time to go to his classes. Mr. Senzig’s children’s choirs have met with international acclaim and are the second most watched in the world.** The session I choir is likely to have similar success with the release of their video and how cool is it to sing on a rock band’s new album? Once a week the choirs will be invited to SkateTown for a special party.

How do I sign up?
Send an email to OurMusicalLife@ymail.com and you will receive audition information. Former members of the Gifford Children’s Choir and current members of AppleChor do not need to audition so long as they still have treble voices.

* Former Gifford Children’s Choir and AppleChor members do not need to audition and will receive a 33% discount on general tuition. Boys whose voices have changed will have to wait and join the adult choirs this fall.

** 2nd most watched elementary school choir on YouTube with 2.8 million views. Second only to PS22 Chorus.