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I have been to quite a few rock concerts in my life. Few can compare to the live shows that Cloud Cult put on this past weekend in Chicago. I liked it so much on Sunday that I went back again on Monday, and I hate driving to Chicago. The band has a lot of members and each one plays multiple instruments. The most unique band member is a painter sometimes two painters. These guys are brilliant and visionary. The live painting adds a visual element while the band paints the air with colorful sound. The band then auctions off the paintings to help fund their tour. I asked the artist if she minded if we borrow that idea. If anyone knows an established artist in Racine that would like to give this a try I am starting to think about the logistics. It would be a great opportunity to involve the broader arts community with our performances in the fall.

I would like to get as many family members of AppleChor, Treble Corp and the Children’s Choir of Teh Internet to attend a free concert Cloud Cult is giving in Madison on July 20. I believe it is open to all ages but I will keep you informed. There may be an opportunity to meet some of the band members where they sell t-shirts, CDs and other materials after the show. I do not have any particular pull with the band, our relationship is strictly a business one at this point but my friends that came with me to Chicago spoke to a couple of the band members so the kids might get a chance to as well, you never know. If I know you are coming I’ll ask them if they could stop and say “hi” or maybe sign some autographs.

I can’t say enough about Cloud Cult’s music. I think the best way to illustrate just how good they are is to have you listen to a couple of their pieces. There are two songs I am considering covering someday, maybe soon.

Transistor Radio

You’ll Be Bright (This is a fan made video, avoid the band’s video*)

Each one of the band’s songs has a unique style and character. You can access a Cloud Cult Playlist I set up on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bXZET6BdKs&list=PLEFAFF2693146FA05&feature=plpp_play_all

Their music is available on iTunes and most major download sites and from the band website. It will be easier for you to promote the kids performance on their upcoming album if you honestly have listened to and enjoyed the band. Brighten your summer and add one of their albums to your listening list! I like Light Chasers and Feel Good Ghosts the best.

*Parents should always watch YouTube material before allowing children younger than 13 to watch it. Some of the videos suggested for viewing may include images that could be disturbing to young children.