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Children’s Choir of teh Internet and treble Corp member Abby S. Went with me and Mr. Cobb to Madison and got to meet several members of the band. The quality of these pictures reminded me that we could us someone with a decent camera to take pictures at some rehearsals and the day of the recordings. Any volunteers?

Here is Abby with Craig Minowa and me:

This is the drummer Arlen Pfeifer and Abby. He gave Mr. Cobb one of his sticks and he gave it to Abby, lucky duck!

It’s hard to see but here is Sara Elhardt the keyboard/trumpet/french horn player on the left, Abby in the middle and Shannon Frid the Violinist/vocalist on the right. Click on it to enlarge and see them.

This is a link to the band’s picture they used to promote this concert:

We purchased liability insurance for the year today so the last major hurdle has been cleared. It cost $900 which came as a big surprise, but what ever it takes, we are going to make these kids shine!