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We have just confirmed the bluegrass band will be playing with us for the Minecraft video. I met two of the four musicians after they posted a cover of Still Alive on YouTube. They were playing Mandolin and Fiddle in Minnesota in the snow. I loved the video and tried to help promote it. I knew then that I wanted to have them play with us. I have been talking to Matt the mandolin player on and off ever since. I am very happy they are going to make it. For those members who were not in the Gifford Children’s Choir, our cover of Still Alive is what really got all of this going and has received over 1,425,000 views. We will also be joined by Matt’s brother on guitar and mouth harp and a friend of mine named Sean Cranley from Burlington WI. Sean and I performed together at a couple of folk music events locally this past spring.

Here’s the MN crew’s Still Alive video:

Here’s GCC’s Still Alive video: