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The kids did an amazing job today! They already have a good portion of the Minecraft song learned and they sound great! I am adding another cover that I have wanted to do for a long time. Last year when the Tsunami hit Japan, I was listening to a song while I watched the videos of the destruction, the words to Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out) made my body chill. “Rows of houses all bearing down on me, I can feel their blue hands touching me…” Read the rest in this context if you want to have your mind completely blown: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/radiohead/streetspiritfadeout.html or watch below. I got it into my head to make a video to raise money for the children of Japan. We are going to make that video. The Japanese News agency has given me permission to use footage of the Tsunami for the video. Jeremy Peters, an up-and-coming musician from Racine, has agreed to record with us. His band played at Summerfest a few weeks ago and they took second place in the Paperfest battle of the bands in Kimberly WI last weekend.

Here’s Radiohead’s song:

Here is Jeremy’s band Solar Plexus at Paperfest:

Jeremy was a member of the GCC creative team and has played on many of the videos I have produced since our big “Still Alive” hit.