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I have been stressing about this all coming together but it seems it will all work out. In order to rent a space we needed insurance. In order to get insurance we had to incorporate. We got insurance the Friday before we started choir camp and we just got the OK to rent Park High School’s theater on Thurs. August 9 8 AM-11:30 AM. Thanks to those who made suggestions. I had struck out with Gifford, Red Apple, Lutheran High, Walden and Janes but Park came through. Both sessions on Thursday August 9 will be held at Park. Second session will be celebrating their final class by putting on an informal concert. They have been working on popular songs to sing for future talent show auditions. Parents are invited to this informal presentation.

The calendar is still correct for all events except that the TBA on August 10 is now officially Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. All remaining rehearsals are at Resurrection except August 9th as above.