We had a bit of a set back or maybe better to say education in recording today. I had tried to split the earphone output of my computer to send the guitar track for Street Spirit out to the kids to listen to. Turns out there isn’t enough power running through that port. Thanks to the owner of Copy Cat Music on Washington Ave in West Racine, I now have what I need to make this work for the Cloud Cult recording on Friday. I am sooo glad I thought to use the Radiohead song as a test run. The kids can bring in their own headphones on Friday if they want but I have a pair for everyone.

Members should all wear dark pants, uniform t-shirts and shoes that enclose the toe both Thursday and Friday. Remember we are at Park High School 1901 12th street tomorrow.

Electronic devices are prohibited from rehearsals. Several kids have been pulling out their ipods and cell phones. Parents, please do not send these with your child and check to make sure they have not been recording things they should not.

Second Session will be putting on an informal performance tomorrow at Park. Parents that want to come back at 10 AM -10:15 AM will be let in at the heater entrance. Please do not bang on the door earlier as we will be recording. Not all of the kids want to sing their solos publicly, so you may want to ask them.

re: Friday’s St. Louis Church Family night Talent Show. So far, only one parent has indicated that their child wants to participate in the talent show. I need three to make it work. Please let me know.