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We have been too busy to discuss the future much. I would like all of you to consider that the Children’s Choir of teh Internet does not stop after Friday, it merely takes a break. We will be starting up again in the fall. We will continue to perform songs from internet culture, alternative bands, anime and video games. We will continue to make videos for our growing internet audience as well as perform live at concerts for our local audience. We will not just continue but we will grow to include other singing populations. I am having discussions with other directors who may take on the 18 month old to 3 year old choir and a choir for those with cognitive and mental disabilities.

There are details yet to work out for these ensembles but the continuation of Children’s Choir of teh Internet is a sure thing. It will take time for the videos we are creating and the Cloud Cult recording to be published. Please be patient and check back here or on Facebook to learn of the progress that is made.