The Good: I found the materials we needed to complete the rest of the costumes we will use tomorrow.

The Bad: I listened to the recording we made today and we will need to do a do-over tomorrow with better mic placement. Time will already be short. Those that can stay an extra 15-20 minutes (10:20 AM will be used to rerecord an additional track to blend with what we already have.

The Amazing: Can you imagine having the opportunities your children are having when you were a kid? I had 7 brothers and sisters. We mostly played with sticks and rocks and we had to share the stick. I just met with the bluegrass band we brought in from St. Paul, MN. They took the song I wrote and transformed it with their instruments into the perfect song to accompany your kids for the video tomorrow. This is nothing short of amazing, wonderful and unheard of. Making a video with Jeremy Peters to make people aware of others’ needs, recording for Cloud Cult’s upcoming album and being part of a recording for a fan video for Minecraft with a bluegrass band… mind blowing!

Wish me luck getting everything ready for tomorrow.