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Play Minecraft? Want to have your character be in our video? Children’s Choir of teh Internet needs 19 brave players to stand on the virtual stage and sing (lip sync-sort of).

You will need a teh Choir skin. There are 2 boy and 2 girl skins to pick from. These skins match the t-shirts the real world kids wear in the video. Watch this tutorial for how to change your skin:

Here are the Skin files. On a Mac hold down the control key when you click on them to find saving options: Boy, Blonde, blue

Girl, Blonde, Brown eyes

Girl, Brown Hair, Blue eyes


Pick Axes will be provided.
You will receive a credit in the video as a member of the virtual choir.

We will meet on Saturday Feb 9 at 10 AM and Sunday Feb 10 at 2 PM. You can attend one or both filming sessions. Please download and put on your skin well before show time by logging into your legitimate Minecraft account.

You will need to email me to play. Include your screen name Kids under 13 need a parent’s permission to play. Put “Server Party” in the message field and email me the name of who is interested and which or both times you are available. If your child is in teh Choir please tell me. You will need the IP address to join. Once in the world, pick up a wooden, stone and iron pick axe from the nearby chests. Put them in consecutive inventory spots 1 2 and 3. Download or open the refrain of the song found here: http://www.choralnet.org/paint/408506/Six+Days+of+Minecraft+Refrain+Only.mp3 and be ready to hit play. I will message everyone to hit play have the wood one out, on the word “Stone” click #2 on the word “iron” click #3. Not sure this will work but let’s try.

Don’t chat until I say “all clear” Members must vow to do no damage. Kids should stay out of the back stage or light rigging in the virtual stage. DON’T MESS WITH THE REDSTONE! You can throw the switch behind the risers and watch what happens.

I am considering leaving the world available to members. The kids and families could build their own village near the stage and interact with the world. I think it would be fun for the kids to play together from home. Family time at my house is often three of us playing Minecraft on a LAN. Do not build anything until the video shoots are done. We’ll talk more later. This is my actual 1.3GB world so show respect but feel free to explore after the shoot. Rules are 1. Don’t take things that don’t belong to you (you can buy stuff in South Town) don’t wreck what others make and act with respect for each other and my world.