I have recruited some other kids and adult friends to join us on the virtual stage today. If kids are joining that I did not talk to today, I need a parent email giving them permission to play. Most of the adults I know personally, somen are internet supporters of the choir.

Screen Names must be kid appropriate.

Get your skin from an earlier post. LogIn to Minecraft.net and browse your hard drive for the file. When you find it then click upload. Then open Minecraft and login.

For the video shoot there are three sceens we need to do.
When I text “Rolling” do not text at all, it will show in the video.
I will text when recording stops.
Try not to damage the stage or each other.

Scene I
JoinChoir(me) will approach the stage wearing a tuxedo. You all stand on the choir risers behind the blue water curtain spread out evenly. Have your hands empty, just in your “teh” skin. One player (TehKids) will throw the switch when she sees me get next to the stage.

Until I stand in front of the choir, I would like you to be turning, swinging your arms etc, but don’t move from your spot. When I get behind the music stand, stand almost still.

We will do the approach a couple times.

Scene II
You will need a wooden, stone and Iron Pick Axe. Put them in your usable inventory so you can access them with the numbers 1 2 and 3.

To start, stand with your eyes on me and your wooden pick axe out.
When I turn to your right, press “2” and have out your stone pick axe. When I turn to your left press 3 to have your iron pickaxe out. We may try this another time where you will be asked to dance after you push 3.

Scene III
Everyone in position on the risers with out me in front. I may come up and shoot some video among you as if I was in the choir. Just move a little as if you were singing.

Scene IV
Everyone on the risers, Me on risers too. TehKids will throw the switch (the curtain will close then, everyone jump around a lot like we just had a great show.

Email me at OurMusicalLife@ymail.com with your screen name and I will send you the IP address. Email me even if you already know it.

Your screen name will be in the credits.

See you at 2 PM
If you go early, you can go back stage on the opposite side from the spawn point, follow the path down and build or dig over there for something to do. Don’t break the stage or build anything that can be seen from in front of the stage. Please stay away from the redstone wiring, you can run the curtain if you want by throwing the switch behind the risers.

Break A Leg