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We had our final auditions tonight for teh Choir.  In addition to many returning members we gained some excellent new talent.  We now have members from Starbuck Middle School, Fine Arts Elementary, Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary,  Our Lady of Grace Academy, Prairie, Walden, Red Apple, Nash Elementary, and Gifford Elementary.  What a bunch of talented kids.  If you missed tonight your options are getting more limitted.  Email me ASAP for a private audition in the next few days. OurMusicalLife@ymail.com 

Mr. Griffin enjoyed working with the kids so much he has now made himself available to help weekly.  We have done some amazing things.  With Mr. Griffin’s help we will go even farther.  Having another choral musician to assist us is like buying a new car with all the bells and whistles.  I could have got the kids where we needed to go but with Mr. Griffin’s help they will  go there in style! 

10 years from now Racine will look back and see what a turning point this was for our music community.  Getting all of these kids involved now will hopefully pay off for the adult singing community with swelled ranks in other church and community choirs.

I am so proud of you all!