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Cloud Cult has released their new album LOVE on their website and on iTunes. Our Children’s Choir of teh Internet sings on “The Show Starts Now”, the last track. Parent’s, how sick are you of listening to One Direction, Selena Gomez and Disney Songs?! Do yourself a favor and get your children listening to something with more substance. You owe it to yourself!

If you are going to buy it, help the band out by buying from their website. T-shirts and other merchandise are also available there.

NPR had a short interview with Craig Minowa a couple days ago. You can hear it here: http://www.npr.org/2013/03/06/173518074/cloud-cults-love-channels-a-life-tested-by-loss

For those who haven’t listened to Cloud Cult, just read the comments on the interview link above to see how much their music means to people. I have to say, I think the media has missed the point by focusing on Craig’s heart breaking past instead of the quality of his music. This album doesn’t seem to me to be as much about the losses in his life as it is an opportunity to make the world a better place through music. The album is full of advice to be a stronger person. Some of the song titles tell the story: You’re the only Thing in Your Way, It’s Your Decision, Complicated Creation and Catharsis.

At a concert in Madison I watched back stage as fans came up to talk to Craig, one by one expressing their thanks for how his music spoke to their hearts or helped them through tough times. I have caught myself recommending specific songs to friends who were going through life’s challenges.

When I first started listening to Cloud Cult it was all business. I was looking for a band that AppleChor, the Red Apple Elementary choir, could cover with music that fit our school theme. I have become a hopeless fan. Strike that, a hopeful fan. There is no such thing as a hopeless Cloud Cult fan. This is music unlike anything you have ever heard. It doesn’t fit any category. It’s life messages are like Christian rock, without being about God. It has the homey feeling of folk music but with so much more energy and showmanship. The use of cello, violin and piano give songs like It’s Your Decision a slight classical feel. Many pieces are clearly Rock but all have some experimental quality. Then you get “Meet Me Where You’re Going” which Craig wrote for the band’s sound engineer’s wedding. It is sort of country and could well and hopefully replace Paul Stuckey’s Wedding Song in popularity.

I would love to get the kids and families up to Madison to hear them on April 20 but it doesn’t start until 10:15 PM. Comment of you are interested in going.

If you want a more professional and personal account, read this article on AmericanSongwriter.com: http://www.americansongwriter.com/2013/03/recording-cloud-cults-latest-album/