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As the level of performance of teh Choir improves and teh Choir receives more and more local, national and international attention, my need for you to help also increases. I would like your help to develop a list of jobs that individuals could volunteer for.

What skills do you have? Please comment with things that you think would be helpful or ways that you would like to help. Some of these will require a greater amount of commitment, time and equipment than others. This is just a brainstorm so here goes. Check back over time as I will be adding to it and will eventually move it to a page on the teh Choir website.

Costume makers: This is the most urgent help needed. We need team rocket outfits, Ash Kechum outfit, Pikachu and maybe a Meowth. OML will pay for materials but we need design and construction help.

requirements: anyone who has sewn a costume before. A measuring tape and time to measure the kids chosen for these roles

Rehearsal Clerk
I could REALLY use someone in the first 20 minutes of rehearsal to collect forms, write receipts and even take attendance. These logistical things take a lot of rehearsal time.

requirements: adult choir relative
Time committment: attend all rehearsals, concerts and video shoots or at least attend the next few rehearsals.

Videographer: Someone with digital equipment that can set up their own camera to take digital video at practices and concerts and give them to me to post to YouTube or other sites.

requirements: have your own camera and tripod, have editing software and disc burner to get me the data file.

Time commitment: attend all concerts including video shoots
Membership: Any Adult or teenaged Choir relative.

Media Reminder: Send press releases to Racine Journal Times and other local news outlets. I will help write them.

Requirements: Computer and email access, extreme organizational and scheduling skill.
Time Requirements: a few minutes a month
Membership: Any adult choir relative.

Manager of Wardrobe Malfunction Prevention: I have had kids who went on stage out of uniform and many who have been on stage with shirts untucked. If the kids knew who to go to for torn pants, forgotten items etc. it would save the directors some stress.

Requirements: attend all concerts and video shoots and observe students in uniform without taking rehearsal time. Bring safety pins, bobby pins, masking tape etc. Watch for uniform violations (blinky lights, glitter etc and correct)
Time Requirements: Attend all concerts and video shoots
Membership: Adult choir relative

Concert House Manager: Person in charge of making sure doors are opened and closed at correct times, programs passed out, directing audience members where to sit, answer questions about bathroom facilities…

Requirements: independent adult choir relative
Time requirements: Arrive 35 minutes prior to all performance events, solicit helpers to usher

Program Roster Coordinator: This person would make sure choir rosters are up to date and would submit the current roster including all auditioned choir members names properly spelled for the printed programs.

Requirements: Internet, email, spreadsheet experience
Time requirements: A few hours early in the year, a couple hours 2 weeks before each concert to update the list.
Membership: Adult choir relative

Volunteer Recognition Coordinator:
I am terrible at letting you know how much I appreciate you because as soon as one project is over I am buried in the next. When I was 12 I was the heir for a fairly wealthy aunt who had no kids of her own. When I graduated from High School she sent me $20. When I didn’t send her a thank-you she found a new more appreciative heir. What she didn’t know was how much I loved and respected her. Because I have a short circuit in my timely response wiring I didn’t let her know in a way she could understand. How many of you have felt unfulfilled because you didn’t receive a proper thank-you in the way you expected? I need someone to put the thank-you card in my hand, and deliver it or mail it. This is hugely important and an area I really can’t do well myself.

Requirements: Someone who has ever felt under-appreciated. Time Requirements: Buying thank-you cards (no cost to you), filling out addresses and mailing cards. Coming in to rehearsal to get me to do my part.
Membership: Adult choir relative

Lawyer with Copyright Experience
Set Construction
Light Booth Coordinator
Sound Engineer
Ticket design and printing
Poster design and printing
Carnation Sale at Concerts Coordinator
Ticket sale coordinator
Please put comments with other jobs below

If you can’t think of any other way to help, just make yourself an informed choir parent and check this website a couple times a week! You have no idea how much time that will save me.