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Well, the America’s Got Talent people have not contacted us. They told me that they would by the middle of April if we made it, sooooo not happening. However, here is the plan. I knew nothing about the show or that they would be interested in a choir when they requested us to audition. We didn’t have anything really solid to send them. The Minecraft video shows our creativity but not the crazy talent that the choir now posesses. And they do.

Once we have the Pokémon video and later the Robot Unicorn Attack video, these are the kinds of things that will show the kids depth of talent. Unlike most performing ensembles, We intend to keep the performance pieces in our repertoire. We will perform them each semester in addition to the new things we learn.

We will submit the videos next year or even posibly attend a cattle call audition in a nearby city. What we have to offer is unique in all the world. Our engineer Mr. Halliday is working hard to produce the mechanics we need. We cast the soloists for the Pokémon song. We have the Dr. Who song on the fast track. We have Mr. Griffin adding his polish and knowledge. Parents are stepping up and taking on support roles. Ladies and Gentlemen, these kids are going to shine!

If you have an opinion about times, dates and particpation for summer session please share them. Now that it is clear we are not filming for AGT I have to schedule many summer activities as I’m sure you do too. If we have 20 members we will hold summer choir camp, but WHEN is a question. Let me know what you think.