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Jeremy Peters is the guitarist that recorded the Radiohead cover with teh Choir last summer. He will be playing on the Pokemon Theme Song and Always for the June 1 concert. Jeremy is on the creative team for Our Musical Life Inc. We are doing Cradle by the Joy Formidable for the simple reason that we have Jeremy coming to help the kids sound amazing! He is an extremely talented young man and a real Racine treasure. His band Solar Plexus is running an Indiegogo crowd funding project to fund a summer tour. This is your chance to get in on the I-knew-him-when train. Check out their project here: http://igg.me/at/SolarPlexusEP/x/1198576 and donate a couple bucks. I caught his band at Summer Fest last year. They were great!!

Watch these videos:

I have hired Jeremy to play with my groups since he was in highschool. He is the guitarist on the Still Alive videos, he palyed violin on the Gifford Children’s Choir Harvey Sollberger pieces and played Muse’s Butterflies and Hurricanes for a 5th grade graduation I led.