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We are so proud of the work the kids did tonight. They are looking sharp and singing great. This is really going to be a unique and wonderful performance. For those that didn’t get the privilege to see them tonight I will put some pics below.

The costumes and teh shirts all arrived just in the nick of time. Addie at Hugs and Kisses whipped up a dynamite Meowth. We had the kids wear parts of the costumes to get some of the effect for the Pokémon Theme song. Have a look!

Ash Ketchum

Meowth and Ash

Team Rocket Pikachu et al

Rehearsal is 5:30 PM June 1 at Gifford Elementary. Concert starts at 7:00 PM, teh Choir should arrive just before 5:30 PM. We will be rehearsing almost up to concert time.

We will discus summer session possibilities at the concert.