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Geeks rule the world! With Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as examples, if you are a little geeky be proud! Children’s Choir of teh Internet is a geek friendly environment. As our children grow up in this plugged in gadget rich world, being internet and tech savvy is an asset. We will do our best to help children learn to stay social and safe when using technology. One of our goals this year is to provide more online and face to face social events for teh Choir.

We will have a Minecraft server up in the next week or so. Kids will be able to go to a safe place to play online. If you haven’t checked out this game yet, it is a creative powerhouse. https://minecraft.net/ Many refer to it as Legos on steroids. I am looking into what versions can participate on our server but I believe you will need a laptop version, not xbox or tablet (pocket) versions.

When we send home the IP address, be sure to keep it private. Parents and siblings are welcome but will also need to register. Stay tuned for more info.

The next cool idea is to have Geek Nights. We are hoping to provide parents with a three hour night out once a month while we watch and lead the kids in social gaming. This is in the idea stage so your comments and sugestions are welcome.

Kids would be welcome to bring their own hand held gaming devices, laptops etc. and we would provide several gaming stations to play things like Just Dance, Wii Sports Resort, Pokémon games and the like. No games with higher that a T rating would be allowed. We would provide pizza as well. There would be a fee for this, probably around $20/kid. Siblings, friends and family between 3rd and 8th grade would also be welcome.

If you have other ideas please share them!