Alright folks, I put my minecraft world up on a server and it is open for playing. Teh Choir families can email me for the address. Send me your screen name and who might be using it. It is important you do not share the address with kids not in the choir or in your immediate family. Parents are welcome, just Identify yourself when talking to kids on line. You will need to be on Minecraft 1.6.4.

I will put up a server info page here with complete rules and helpful info. This requires trust between our members and families. For now, don’t prepend to be someone you are not, do not take things that don’t belong to you, do not break what others build, don’t build within 5 blocks of someone else’s construction, don’t free or hurt villagers, don’t fight with other players unless parents say it is Ok and all combatants agree, be polite and use polite language, mark your chests with a sign that says “Private.” You can buy things from chests that are not marked Private or take things from chests marked Public. Joinchoir is my screen name, but sometimes my kids use it.

Mr. Senzig

Let the fun begin!