We are officially a 501(c)3 public charity!  This allows us to accept tax deductible donations and apply for grants.   Thanks to the OML president Megan Shepard and the board for making this a reality.

Friends and supporters, consider how you can help our organization grow.  Getting the word out to friends and family about our choirs is a huge help.  We need ten more members of teh Choir to reach our operating expenses through tuition.   We could use help in grant writing and tax-deductible donations to support the good work we do.  You can message us at OurMusicalLife@ymail.com with your ideas.

This is particularly gratifying for me.  I had hoped to start OML to give people a place where they felt the belonged, a place where they would feel valued.  I wanted the children all over SE Wisconsin to experience the incredible success we had received with the Gifford Children’s Choir.  Now we can step up our efforts to make the world a better place through singing!

-Jack Senzig