No Rehearsal until April 16.

Teh Choir families,  there is a funeral at the church and they have asked if we could not meet.  We will not rehearse. I thought this might be an opportunity to do something social as a group.  Would anyone like to go to the Renaissance and see Cinderella?  7:10 Show it is 1 hr and 45 mins long.  Parents and siblings are also welcome, but parents if you let me know your child is coming alone, I will supervise them. My teh Choir daughter will be along too.  Buy your tickets and meet in the lobby.   Let me know if you are coming so I know if I should wait for you.

Next week is Holy Thursday so the church is again unavailable and the following Thursday is RUSD spring break so it will be April 16 before we see you again. Please comment if you see this as I am trying to email and call everybody that doesn’t know.