Director’s Message

Dear Racine Area Families,

I am very excited to be a part of this endeavor with you.   In 2010 I led the Gifford Children’s Choir to become the second most watched elementary school choir in the world.    The GCC has received over 3 million views on YouTube and my blogs about the choir received over 100,000 views.   The choir was the only elementary school choir asked to perform at the 2010 Wisconsin Choral Director’s Association Convention.  They also received invitations to perform around the world and were even invited to audition for a company that wanted to make a TV show about them.

In 2012 I transforming the choir into a city wide ensemble with the help of Craig Minowa of the band Cloud Cult who asked me to have a choir sing on his album LOVE.    The Children’s Choir of teh Internet has replaced the GCC as the memetastic choir of the interwebs.    We will continue to specialize in internet memes, internet culture, video game songs, anime and alternative bands.

This is an opportunity to open up membership to all children in Racine in grades 3-6 for the Children’s Choir of Teh Internet and children in grades 6-9 for Concert Choir.   Many members of the GCC creative team continue to help with our new ensembles, insuring the ongoing quality that Racine and the world have come to expect.

If you are ready to have your child be a part of an amazing ensemble comment below or email us at If you would like to be involved in one of the adult ensembles also let us know. See the “Other Choirs” page for some very interesting options. We need feedback from the community to know which way to go.


Jack Senzig

Executive Director

2 thoughts on “Director’s Message”

  1. Hi, I am wondering if I could possible have some info on this program. I have an soon to be 11 year old who loves to sing. Looking for a group for him to sing with!

    • Cynthia,
      We are accepting auditions ofr the next couple weeks (February 13 and 20, 2014). Children’s Choir of teh Internet is for children in 3rd-6th grade. We perform internet memes, video game songs and songs from geeky TV Shows and alternative bands. Check out the videos page. We currently have about 24 members. We meet on Thursdays from 6-7:15 PM at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Racine, WI. Kids from 8 different schools and several municipalities are in the choir. We have a Minecraft server that the kids can safely play on. Email with specific questions or simply come on Thursday.

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