The Directors:

Timothy Keith Griffin, Jr. is first a proud Baritone that loves every bit of sharing his voice with the youth and helping the youth to find their own voices. He is now entering his 4th year as a teacher and is proud to have started with Gifford Elementary of Racine Unified and been named 2013 Gifford PTA Teacher of the Year. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Parkside with a B.A. in music, certification in Choral and General Music Education and a concentration in Vocal performance under direction of Dr. James Kinchen, Jr (director of Choral activities) and Ami Bouterse (director of voice and Opera). This past summer, Mr. Griffin attended St. Thomas University to begin his M.A. in Choral Music Education before returning to DePaul University in Chicago to complete his certification in the music education pedagogy Orff – Schulwerk. Mr. Griffin remains very active in the community. He is currently the Choral director of Boychoir East of Milwaukee Children Choir. He is the past choral director of Kiwanis Youth Symphony of Racine and of First United Methodist Church of Racine. He can be found singing in the UW-Parkside community choir, Master Singers, from time to time. He has acted as the coordinator of the Wisconsin Choral Director’s Association All-State Children’s Choir of 2013 and 2014 for the All-State convention held in Milwaukee in January. In his free time, Mr. Griffin enjoys learning Djembe at Old Town Folk Music in Chicago, gaming with friends, illustration and design, and giving voice lessons. Mr. Griffin’s next steps will be to travel the world, explore several world music drumming and dance workshops, gain fluency in the french speaking language, and expand upon music in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Jack Senzig is the executive director and founder of Our Musical Life Inc. and Co-Director of Children’s Choir of teh Internet. Jack is at the cutting edge of leading choirs in a modern world. He has learned to market his ensembles successfully online and has directed many viral choir videos. He is the co-director of the Gifford Children’s Choir which he led to become the second most watched elementary children’s choir in the world on YouTube. His choir’s performances have been shown on G4 TV, Know Your Meme, the Escapist Magazine, Hypervocal, Kotaku, Time Magazine online and made it to the front page of Reddit and Digg. His videos have received over 50 YouTube honors.

Jack is also very active in his professional community. ChoralNet is the largest network of choral directors, composers and choirs in the world. Jack serves on the 7 member advising board for ChoralNet, and writes a weekly article for the website. He is the owner and editor of the most active ChoralNet community, the Composers of Choral Music. Jack created a marketplace for the display of the best work of his 400 members and strives to make connections between composers, the conductors who program new music and music industry leaders such as JWPepper, Sheet Music Plus and ChoralTracks.

Jack is the author of Choir Director’s Brag Blog, a site for sharing choral repertoire through the categorized display of choir videos. Jacks blogs have received hundreds of thousands of views and his videos have been seen over 3 million times in 205 different countries. Jack has also become an expert in appropriate internet use by public employees following a nationwide political cyber-bullying incident he was the target of. Jack is available to inservice school districts and businesses on this topic.

Jack is a vocal music teacher at Gifford Elementary where he directs choirs including grade level choruses and The Gifford Children’s Choir. He is the former director of AppleChor and ApplePeal and the choirs at Washington Park High School in Racine, WI.

Angela Janota is the Director of Visual Presentation for Children’s Choir of teh Internet.

Angela Janota has an eye for visual presentation and costuming. She is the Queen of frugality and can stretch a dollar. She is the strings teacher at Gifford Elementary School Racine. Angela’s elementary school strings concerts are unique in all the world. her students regularly play songs like “Purple Haze”, “Kashmir” and “Eye of the Tiger.”

Brett Halladay is the Director of Engineering for teh Choir.

Brett saved the day when the kids knocked the robot’s head off. He also made the iconic backdrop from the original Trololo video. When we need something electrical or mechanical to happen, like in the upcoming Robot Unicorn Attack song, we ask Brett if it is possible.


Below is the creative team for Children’s Choir of teh Internet. These people work together as a group or advise as the need arises. Each one is greatly valued. We could not do what we do without them.


Mike Cobb


Michael James Cobb is a native of Racine Wisconsin. He has taught and arranged music for several marching bands in the community area as well as performed for the community Symphony, and the local School String and Vocal Ensembles. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Parkside with a bachelor degree in Music Performance and teaching in 1997, he is currently teaching private percussion lessons to students, arranging and teaching music for one of the Boy Scouts of America groups in the area. Within his carrier, Michael Cobb has played percussion for the late Glen Berle, the African American Native Association (LINKS), the US Postal Service, local Churches, the Kiwanis Groups, the Parkside Choral Ensemble under Professor James Kitchen as well as different pedagogic Bands in the area. In addition to his responsibilities, under the leadership of Jack Senzig, Michael Cobb is often ask to accompany the Red Apple Children’s Choir, and signed on as an assistance to one of his newer projects. At an early age, Mr. Cobb has studied percussion under Joe Police, Roger Daniels, Jim Camaroda, and Robert Rummage. In order to further his studies and carrier, he continues to attend professional drum clinics in Milwaukee WI. were he associates with drummers from various recording artists. Finally, his background also consist of three years of teaching with the Racine Unified School District.

Jeremy Plottel

Tubulur Construction Advisor

Jeremy (thejerrymobile on YouTube) is an instrument builder and percussionist. He designed and built his own Monster Tubulum—a bass-range tuned percussion instrument made from PVC pipe—and is currently developing new tube instruments. With over 3.5 million YouTube video views, Jeremy has worked with YouTubers Snubby J and Andrew Huang, and has produced content for Blue Man Group. Jeremy encourages the development of new tubular percussion instruments, and lends his unique experience to the construction of this performance’s PVC creations.

Michael Briel

Internet Technical Advisor

Michael Briel joins us from Germany. Michael is an electronic music advocate and creator and has become our Internet Technical Advisor. When ever I have a problem with YouTube or the way others have used our videos I go to Michael.

Biography of Michael Briel:

Both born (1971) and raised in Sinzig, Germany. Was a member of the local school’s choir. When, in the 80s, I got my first Commodore C64 homecomputer, I already was a fan of the electronic music of Kraftwerk or Jean Michael Jarre so I started writing my first own tunes.

In the 90′s I moved to Bonn, not too far from Sinzig, where I ended up running the local computergames shop for seven years. Then I had an office job for another seven years and today I’m working as a webbuilder/designer for corporate customers, shopowners, or Bands and Musicians (that’s when I can be the most creative, which is the most fun ^^).

For some years now I haven’t really made any more new music, but lately I have become more active making my own videos on youtube – so the creativity is still there, it seems.

My Blog and my music:
My youtube page:

Donovan Senzig

Graphics Director and Technology Advisor

Donovan has designed all of our logos, tshirts and digital download single covers. He is the computer software guru and has been indespensible in helping with video production and everything software related. He has an incredible ear for music and understands better than anyone the artistic director’s sense of style.

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